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What happens if my package goes missing in transit?
What happens if my package goes missing in transit?

Learn how we handle missing packages.

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“In 2018, consumers spent $2.98 trillion in global e-commerce, which means billions of packages circulated around the globe. Of those billions, most reached their destination without a hitch. But, inevitably some fell through the cracks, while others arrived to doorsteps damaged or dinged”. - ShipEngine.

Even though you remain responsible for the risk-of-loss or any damages that may occur to your package while in transit; sellshark automatically includes shipping insurance coverage for packages against the risk-of-loss or any damages that may occur to your package while in transit at no cost up to $100 in reimbursement if your order total is valued between $100-$499 or 20% of the value of your order in reimbursement if the order total is valued between $500-$2999 as long as you use the shipping label provided by sellshark and if your package complies with USPS shipping requirement.

If your package meets the guidelines of USPS, we will do the following:

If your package is not delivered to us within 7 days of the day you shipped it, we will file a search request on your behalf with USPS, and the USPS will begin searching for your missing package. The USPS will continue to search for your missing mail through their system until the search ends, which is usually 3 months after the request was received.

We will require the following items from you during our investigation process:

  1. Device(s) Identifier – The serial number or the IMEI of your missing or lost device (s).

  2. Proof of Value – You'll need to prove the value of the items inside the package that was lost. Examples include a purchase receipt, payment invoice or a printout from the completed online transaction.

    The USPS will send us an email if they cannot locate your package. The case will be forwarded to law enforcement if the search is not successful. As per our terms and conditions, we will reimburse you either $100 or 20% of the total value of your buyback order as per our Terms & Conditions.

sellshark offers additional shipping insurance - at cost, so please contact a team member before you ship your package and we can assist you if you would want to purchase additional shipping insurance.

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