How does sellshark work?

The steps for getting your device to us and getting paid.

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Using sellshark is simple!

  1. Find your device here to get an offer.

  2. Choose how you'd like to get paid:

    PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Check in the Mail (checks are per request and you need to contact our team for this option).

  3. Print your shipping label right away and ship us your device within 30 days to receive the offer quoted.

    We pay for shipping!

  4. Once we receive your device, we inspect it then issue payment the same day.

Yes, It's that easy!

If for some reason, your device does not pass inspection, we will send you a detailed reason with pictures of why with a link to accept or deny the new offer. If you disagree with the updated offer, we send your devices back for free!

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